What Makes A Successful Weight Loss Programme?

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In South Africa alone, we spend a fortune on dieting. It would be great if we had something to show for it but sadly it’s usually the reverse. We put in the hard work to lose the weight and then gain it all back not long after. We spend the money on weight loss programmes and slimming products and special diet plans but to what avail? Because did you know around 90% of dieters lose weight and regain it later?

There is no miraculous cure for losing weight and keeping it off. But, there are ways to ensure you get the weight loss results you’re after and maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.

If you’re reading this article, you probably feel as if you should lose some weight. Or, perhaps you are concerned about your health because you think you are overweight. Well, now’s the time to find out just how many extra kilos you are carrying. It’s really quick and easy. All you need to do is use our BMI Calculator.

So first let’s look at the 7 reasons why so many diets don’t work.

  • Most diets focus on weight loss rather than overall good health – we must be more holistic in our approach to losing weight by incorporating exercise and a healthy mindset into our lifestyles.
  • Whole food groups are eliminated from your diet such as carbohydrates – yes, there are bad carbs and we should avoid them but there are also good carbs which our bodies require for energy.
  • Diets are inflexible and make you feel deprived – There are usually so many rules and restrictions it’s no wonder your mind and body begin to rebel.
  • Most weight loss programmes are short-term only – They don’t focus on the maintenance of weight loss and good health because as soon as you’ve lost the weight you’re on your own.
  • There is no support – Most dieters need the support of someone who has been through the same process; or is an expert who knows all about weight loss and health.
  • Many diets are not scientifically proven or tried & tested – Fad diets are the biggest culprits when it comes to wasting your willpower and money on yo-yo weight loss.
  • Diets don’t care about your real issues – Most weight loss programmes are geared for the masses. There is no one to take an interest in you as an individual and create a plan which works for your particular lifestyle issues.

So, it seems if you are overweight you are caught between a rock and a hard place. It will cost you a fortune to lose the weight that you will almost definitely gain back. Yet, your mega-kilos are costing you big bucks on higher insurance premiums, doctor’s bills and food consumption.

Don’t let the idea of unrealistic diets distract you from losing weight and winning back your life. There are good weight loss plans in South Africa which work.

Here’s how to look for the diet plans that get real results:

A flexible approach – Look for a weight loss programme which suits your lifestyle and is willing to work with you. For example, check out how Cambridge Weight Plan South Africa can create a diet plan for the individual because of its smart and flexible step-by-step approach.

Loads of support – Make sure when you spend money to sign up for a weight loss programme that you get one-on-one support. This is vital to the success of your weight loss. Speak to a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant about your intentions to lose weight and get back to real health.

Holistic health – A good weight loss programme will consider your overall health and is not just a quick-fix diet. It will take into account all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. It will educate you about the science behind the diet and ensure you drink lots of water while helping you keep a positive attitude.

Long-term maintenance – This is the crux of your success because it’s at this point when things fall apart and you start resorting to old bad habits. A good diet plan should provide you with a sensible and easy-to-follow maintenance programme which includes support from experts. Find out how Richard Puplampu lost weight and has kept it off for years.  

Sensible diet plan – Make sure that the weight loss programme you choose offers a balanced and healthy diet plan. Usually, the quick-fix fad diets will eliminate major food groups from the eating plan. This is a terrible idea because our bodies require a certain amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to live healthily. Go to the Cambridge Weight Plan Meals to get an idea of a well-balanced diet.

Tried and tested credibility – Do your research before joining a weight loss diet. Find out if the programme is well-established and scientifically backed. Did you know? The Cambridge Weight Plan can be traced back to the 1950s. It was invented by doctors to help obese people lose weight and get healthy.  

Realistic results – Don’t believe what you read. So many diets will exclaim “lose weight in 1 week” or “lose 10kgs in 1 month”. It isn’t possible to lose weight so quickly if you plan to keep it off and get healthy. Good diet plans will tell you the truth. For example, Cambridge Weight Plan SA promises you will lose weight in 12 weeks but it doesn’t say how much because that depends on the individual.

Exercise on the programme – It is vital to get physically active when you decide to lose weight because healthy diet and exercise work hand-in-hand to help you get rid of the kilos and radically improve your health.

Don’t let fad diets fool you or put you off losing weight and getting back to real health. Get a FREE weight loss assessment at Cambridge Weight Plan SA and join the 12-week weight loss revolution.

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