The True Cost of Obesity

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Do you think you can’t afford a healthy weight loss programme? What if we told you that when you sign up for Cambridge Weight Plan you will actually save money?

The reality is that being overweight costs money. Not only does it take a big toll on your health. But it also costs in rands.

In this article, we take a frank look at the shocking cost of excess weight on your wellbeing and your wallet.

The cost to your health
When you’re overweight, your excess weight will eventually become a serious health concern; the more kilograms you gain the more severe the health issues. So, let’s take a look at how this affects you:

5 – 6 kilograms overweight:
It depends where you carry your excess weight. If it’s around your middle then you need to take heed. Abdominal fat causes insulin resistance which leads to high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes.

18 – 20 kilograms overweight:
Your BMI will probably be around 30 or above and this means you are officially obese – try our BMI calculator yourself.
Once you are obese your health issues will include the risk of:

  • Joint problems
  • Cancer
  • Gallstones
  • Asthma
  • Heart attack
  • Pre-diabetes and diabetes

Your self-esteem will also take a big knock which could have a profoundly negative impact on your life. It can lead to being passed over for promotion at work, relationship issues and a general lack of confidence.

30 – 40 kilograms overweight:
With a BMI approaching 40, you’re probably having trouble sleeping – sleep apnoea (when you stop breathing) is very common and dangerous, too. If that wasn’t bad enough, you might have lost your sex drive, or even the physical ability to get intimate!

Other issues are:

  • Liver problems
  • Serious heart disease
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure) which can lead to a stroke
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Blood clots in the lungs and legs
  • Various cancers
  • Varicose veins and swollen legs

And then you also have your personal hygiene to worry about as it becomes difficult to keep clean.

Now that we have taken a hard look at your health issues, let’s focus on the toll it can take on your budget.

The cost of eating badly
The most obvious cost is the food you are consuming. Because let’s face it, when you are overweight you are eating a lot more than your body needs. We tend to think fast food is both convenient and cheap. But in South Africa takeaways cost only a little less than ordering off a menu at a standard restaurant.

Compare the average monthly cost of eating takeaways and bad foods to eating healthy meals supplied by Cambridge Weight Plan:

Takeaways and snacks for a month
You could be spending as much as R3500 per month just on snacks & takeaways, in addition to what you spend on groceries for home cooked food!

8x fast food/restaurant breakfasts (2x a week) R640
8x pizzas for lunch/dinner (2x a week) R560
8x takeaways e.g. burger & fries or KFC meals, for lunch/dinner (2x a week) R800
60x snacks e.g. chips/chocolates (2x snacks a day) R900
60 fizzy drinks/fruit juices (2x drinks a day) R600
TOTAL R3500 per month

Now consider the cost of being on a 12-week Cambridge Weight Plan programme, with easy, nutritionally rich and balanced meals, one-to-one support, rapid weight loss and awesome health benefits – all from R3,000 per month.

It’s clear that the CWP meal plan, which will help you lose weight and get you healthy, actually costs less. Why not save the extra money you were spending on bad foods for when you reach your goal weight, and then spend that money on a whole new wardrobe?

This is a no-brainer. Changing to a lifestyle of eating healthy foods will save you loads of money. It’s a question of priority, not cost.

The cost of being ill
Here are some of the other areas in your life where you are spending money because you are overweight – money you could be saving if you were living healthily:  

  • Medical bills – There is a good chance you will be spending money visiting the doctor and the medical bills start adding up – medical aids don’t cover everything and eventually you will pay out of your own pocket. The Discovery Vitality’s ObeCity Index for 2017 calculates that being overweight increases health care costs by as much as R4,400 per person per year.
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements – If you are overweight, there is a good chance you are living on non-nutritious meals, which contain zero vitamins and minerals, plus bad eating depletes your immunity. You will need to take supplements to provide your poor body with the nutrition it requires.
  • Insurance policies – Generally, the unhealthier you are the higher your monthly life and health insurance premiums.
  • Job promotions – Your weight may affect your career path. Global statistics are starting to show that people with weight problems are less inclined to earn the big bucks in top positions. One global stat states that overweight women earn around 11% less than women of a healthy weight.

Finally, your weight issues are a financial burden to the South African economy on a whole. Discovery Vitality’s research states the economic impact of obesity in South Africa is R701 billion each year. Being obese and suffering from related illnesses can lead to decreased productivity which costs South Africa R109 billion each year. If you take time off from work, you are one of the people contributing to the R47 billion in absenteeism costs each year.

Think about it! You have more to lose by being overweight and unhealthy, and everything to gain by losing the weight and getting healthy.

Contact the Cambridge Weight Plan Centre in Johannesburg now to start losing weight and gaining a healthy, cost-effective lifestyle.

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