The role of stress on weight loss

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In today’s world, stress is a constant companion. According to the documentary, Heal, 90% of what sends us to the doctor is stress-related diseases! Stress floods in from our jobs, our bills, the environment around us, the media, even our friends and families.

Compounded with a lack of exercise and proper nutrition, all of this plays a role in contributing to increased stress levels. Stress contributes to erratic hormone levels which, in turn, affects our ability to maintain a healthy weight. Being under constant stress elevates our cortisol levels and keeps us in fight-or-flight mode. This contributes to weight gain, sleep disorders and anxiety, and a host of other illnesses.

Increased cravings

Stress contributes to increased cravings, specifically for sugar and carbohydrates, notorious feel-good or comfort foods. This craving can become an addiction, leading to excessive weight gain. This then leads to an increased risk of obesity and other metabolic illnesses. Stress also plays a role in digestive disorders like IBS, making it difficult to eat healthy foods like fibre, which is essential to weight loss.

The hustle and bustle of life can wreak havoc on our physical and mental health. Having necessary stress relievers are essential to living a healthy and well-adjusted life, holistically.

How to combat stress

Taking time for yourself is critical for your overall wellbeing. This could be anything from practising yoga, meditating, socialising with friends and family or any other relaxation techniques. For your physical health, maintaining a healthy weight means eating smaller meals more often on the most stressful days. This ensures that your metabolism is stable, preventing peaks and troughs in energy levels.
Eating wholesome meals throughout the day stabilises your blood sugar level which helps to reduce heightened stress.

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