Charlotte Henry

I was the classic yo-yo dieter

Boredom was the motivator to eat anything and everything. I was a child who loved to eat and always cleared my plate.

By time I had reached my mid-teens, I had lost some weight, which I believe was down to a lifestyle change. I lived with my auntie while attending college, which was a four-hour commute every day – little time for eating when you’re on the go. But at 20-years-old I was accepted into university. The combination of having the freedom to eat when I liked again and having friends who also had a passion for eating out, helped my weight to sky-rocket once more.

For the next few years I hid under a tent-sized jacket and just got on with life, though I was miserable and hated the fact I couldn’t wear fashionable clothes. I’d see girls on campus wearing the tops and jeans that I would like to have worn.

By the end of my second year of study, I tried once more to slim down – this time eating healthy and exercising worked and I lost around 30kg. But all my effort in losing weight was in vain as after graduation and on moving back home, I managed to fall into bad eating habits and weight slowly crept on – I was right back at the start and feeling lower than ever.

I remember stopping at a pharmacy to weigh myself; I don’t know why, I just needed to know the extent of my recent weight gain. 83kg! I felt disappointed with myself and couldn’t hold back the tears. Not one piece of food passed my lips that day.

A call from a friend was the start to my weight loss. She was excited to learn of someone losing weight with Cambridge and recommended I find out about the Plan. Admittedly, it took me a week to decide whether a very low calorie diet was the right thing for me but I had tried everything else.

Days one and two on Sole Source were tough and a friend who also started the same time as me found it too hard and gave up. I wasn’t about to give up and by the end of my first week, I was sailing through. As the kilos came off and the months went by, I started to feel ready to take a holiday, Barbados was calling for me and my new bikini body.

I work as a visual merchandiser, so fashion is my first love and as a plus-size woman, I could never buy the fashionable clothing that I was seeing on a daily basis. Now that I’m seven dress sizes smaller, I’m always shopping.

I have maintained my ideal weight since April 2010 and I’ve never so happy. Cambridge was the miracle I was searching for.