Keira’s 16kg weight loss after pregnancy

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Keira Esten
Weight Loss: 16kg

Meet 36-year old pre-primary school teacher Keira Esten. After giving birth to her daughter she lost her self-confidence. “I felt very down about how I looked as I was now carrying the most weight I had ever had in my life. I was physically exhausted and overwhelmed with ‘where to start’ on the path to weight loss. None of my clothes fit and I felt frumpy,” she says.

Keira had always loved the gym and exercising so it was a shock when her joints hurt, and she could feel the effect of the extra weight on her body.

She knew that by losing weight she would start feeling healthier. Her energy levels would improve, and she would feel good about herself again. “A friend of mine the year before had gone on Cambridge Weight Plan and had found it very helpful. I needed something effective that would suit my lifestyle as a new mom with little time on my hands,” she says.
Keira signed up to do the Cambridge Weight Plan. She found the products were very easy to use as they required very little preparation or grocery shopping. “I loved the taste of them too! I felt that I had some delicious treats to enjoy despite restricting my calorie intake,” she says.
The support from her Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant had a big influence on her results. She was made accountable every week, for the good and the bad. “My Consultant was always supportive, positive and most importantly, realistic. Sometimes life can be tricky but having someone to chat with to keep my diet on track really helped me succeed,” Keira says.

She is now lighter than she was before her pregnancy and is physically stronger than she has been in years. “I was able to get back into ice skating with my local club. I was even made a member of the ice skating team in an interstate competition, just 13 months after having my baby girl,” says Keira.
This new mom achieved weight loss success plus gained her confidence and life back after just a few months of being on the Cambridge Weight Plan. She had the right attitude and knew that losing the excess weight would make her healthy again. “Cambridge Weight Plan was the answer to my weight loss prayers,” she concludes.

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