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Showing the love on Valentine’s Day has everything to do with the heart. It’s all about the art of wooing and this is usually achieved through indulgent foods, chocolates being at the top of the list.

The timing is perfect of course for a chocolate gorging-fest since World Cream-Filled Chocolate Day appropriately falls on 14 February, too.

However, Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Day is celebrated just 5 days after the indulgent day of love, on 19 February. Perhaps this should be kept in mind when we decide to let go of our discipline and binge out on a box of praline-filled choccies while using the Valentine-honoured excuse: “Just for today. I can’t say no. It’s a gift of love.”

Well, if your partner loves you, he or she will think about your health and help you look after your heart by supporting you in your healthy eating plan. And you will do the same for yourself.  

Did you know? Around 48% of women expect to receive chocolates as a Valentine’s Day gift. That’s nearly half of the female population. Come on ladies, and men, let’s change this shocking statistic by changing the way we think about romance and food.

Here are 8 tips on how to date with a healthy heart this Valentine’s

Change your relationship with food: If you keep pining for chocolates and takeaways, you’re never going to enjoy healthy foods. Change your attitude from negative to positive – stop the “I can’t do this” mind talk and replace it with “I can, and I want to”. You’ll quickly start to find a positive shift in the way you manage your healthy eating plan. Look forward to a Valentine’s Day through healthy rose-tinted glasses.

Get your other half to invest in good health Discuss with your partner just how serious you are about losing weight and getting real about your health. Let them know that this new, healthy relationship you have with food is a forever thing and their undying love and support would be appreciated. Let them know of all the wonderful benefits you reap from good health and they may even join you on your journey. A healthy Valentine’s dinner will be so much easier (and more fun) if you are both invested in it.    

Replace bad delicious with good delicious There are always replacement solutions for the bad food. You may not believe it but there are loads of chocolates and other sweet treats on the market which are delicious but won’t pack on the kilograms. Cambridge Weight Plan has a variety of bars, smoothies and milkshakes which would all make tasty dessert replacements this Valentine’s. Find out more about these treats.

Give and receive a forever gift – Instead of chocolates, go with a more permanent gift, something to treasure always like jewellery, books, music or a gorgeous potted plant like an orchid. And then, of course, there’s the best, most romantic gift of all and that is the gift of time. Switch off all devices, including phones, and spend the hours you have together loving each other.

Dinner date at home – Cook a delicious and healthy meal at home where you can control the ingredients you put in the food. Lay a gorgeous table. Light the candles and woo your partner through his or her tummy.

Sharing is caring – If you choose to eat out at a restaurant on Valentine’s, order healthy dishes and then enjoy some romantic decadence at the end by sharing a dessert.

Everything in moderation – So your partner/date surprises you with your favourite box of chocolates, it’s okay just as long as you savour one or two a day rather than binge eat the lot in one evening.

Get romantic over exercise – Pack a healthy picnic feast, which can include mocktails made with Cambridge Weight Plan’s water flavours, and head for your local park at sundown to enjoy a long romantic walk.

The important thing is to keep focused on your good healthy habits. Show yourself a little love and romance by taking care of yourself.
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