Get Active

Cambridge Weight Plan encourages a physically active lifestyle

We live in a busy world where we don’t always have time for physical activity in our daily lives. However, being physically active is an important part of your weight loss journey and is key to managing your new weight long term.
How much exercise you undertake depends on a number of factors: what Step you are following; what medical conditions you have or medications you take; your capability for exercise; your age, lifestyle and current level of activity.

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Getting Active
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So why keep Active with Cambridge Weight Plan?

It’s all about promoting a healthy lifestyle, which is so important for us and also for teaching our children to be healthy and active. Not only can exercise improve our health and wellbeing, it can generally also make us feel happier. There is medical proof that exercise creates endorphins that can make people feel happier: what other reason do you need?

How active are you?

Doctors recommend that adults should spend at least 30 minutes 5 times a week doing moderate exercise such as walking, to maintain good health. Ask yourself honestly how much exercise you are doing and then identify where you are on the chart below. Then slowly increase the amount of physical activity that you are doing, following the suitable exercise examples highlighted below.

Becoming more active

Do not consider starting a strenuous exercise programme at the same time as you commence a Cambridge Weight Plan Step.

  • If you already follow a vigorous exercise programme, you may need to moderate it to a less active level for a week or two until your body adjusts to your Cambridge Weight Plan.
  • It is recommended that no exercise beyond gentle walking be undertaken in the first two weeks of Step 1. Your body will need this time to adjust to a lower calorie intake.
  • After the initial two-week period, gentle to moderate intensity exercise* can be undertaken while on Step 1, providing that it is approached with caution and not done with excess.
  • Walking or cycling is excellent exercise but start slowly and do not overdo it at the beginning.
  • Before starting any physical activity, start with a gentle warm up followed by some dynamic light stretching. Ideally, this should last for 5-10 minutes, be appropriate for the exercise that you are about to undertake, and not be too strenuous.