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Indulgence and healthy eating are no longer considered contradictory. More and more people are becoming receptive to healthy food without wanting to compromise on their indulgences. People want to have their indulgent (but healthy) cake and eat it too. The mere increase in avocado chocolate cake recipes on the internet will tell you that.

Sophisticated consumer demographics reveal that there is a definite market for healthier eating choices. However, historically, we’ve had the option of enjoying and paying the price; or denying and reaping the rewards. These days, the choices are no longer as stark, with many companies creating food that tastes great while delivering nutritional benefits. You get the best of both worlds.

Sweet success

If you’re on a weight loss journey today, the compromise is not that massive. You can use strategic interventions like the Cambridge Weight Plan, which provides you with ranges of nutritious replacement meals to choose from as well as guide you to whip up some healthy, palatable home recipes.

You don’t have to compromise on taste and flavour to lose weight. You can choose from CWP’s delicious range of smoothies and shakes, soups or grab our health meal bars to quench that sweet tooth while giving your body the nutrients it requires.

You can enjoy food from our specialised 200kcal and 400kcal recipes without compromising on the flavour. Choose a flexible plan that’s right for you, your lifestyle and current health status. The right CWP plan can help you have a balanced, healthy weight loss journey without feeling too restricted.
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