Healthy South African dishes to indulge in this heritage month

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With so many cultures in South Africa, Heritage Month presents the perfect opportunity to experience the various cuisines enjoyed by the different cultures found in our diverse country. “This September…

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Mental health and diet….connecting the dots

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According to the Department of Health, an estimated 400 million people worldwide suffer from mental or neurological disorders or from psychosocial problems. These include disorders related to alcohol and drug…

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Drink Your Way To Good Health This Winter

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There’s nothing quite like a delicious warm drink on a cold winter’s day. It’s comforting and heats you up from the inside out. Now, imagine if you could enjoy a…

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Healing with herbs and winter remedies

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So, you’re on a new adventure, a weight-loss journey. As with all adventures, it can be both rewarding and a little emotional. With winter upon us, you may also feel…

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The Importance of being hungry – the science of hunger

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Ever wondered what it is that makes you hungry? A lot depends on the time of day, what you’re doing and, of course, the last time you ate. Surely, I’m…

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Busting The Myth on Beer Bellies and Getting Real About Obesity

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Are you the proud owner of a beer belly? If you answered yes, then please read on because beer bellies are nothing to be proud of. FREE Health Guide The…

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Cambridge weight plan festive eating

How to eat festive and lose weight

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Christmas can prove to be an extremely challenging time for people watching their weight. No matter whether you’re following the Cambridge Weight Plan or just trying to look after your…

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The importance of drinking water to lose weight

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