Tips for Our Newbies

Well done for starting your journey with Cambridge Weight Plan towards the new you! Please remember, your CWP Consultant is there to guide you through this every step of the way. But, it’s also good to get some tips from other dieters following Cambridge Weight Plan, which is why we asked our inspiring #CWPfamily on social media what support and suggestions they have to share with our newbies.

Here are some of our fave tips. We hope they help see you through the beginning of your new, healthy lifestyle.


“Stick with water. It will help you at your most hungry times as it gives you a sense of feeling full.”
“There is a CWP app to remind me to drink plenty of water. Use it!”
“Always carry a water bottle with you, especially in the hot South African climate. The bottle will also help you to judge how much water you’ve had.”
“CWP has various water-flavouring products to keep it interesting.”
Read more about the Importance of Drinking Water for more tips!

Getting focused

“Try get a good night’s sleep in your first week. It helps keep you fresh and focused.”
“Get yourself through by remembering that the first week is the toughest so just go for it and enjoy it.”
“Keep your eye on your goal weight at all times. On CWP you will get there, just wait and see.”

“Take each day as it comes and each kilogram as it falls. Write down the reason why you want to lose weight onto a little card before you start, keep it with you at all times. You can look at it every time you’re feeling a little demotivated and remind yourself why you’re doing this! Dream, believe, achieve.” – Natalie Williams, Woman of The Year Runner Up 2016

The Plan

Trust in the Plan and stick to it 100%.
Don’t cheat and you will see the results.”
“Just stick to the Plan and you’ll see it gets easier. Be persistent. After day three the Plan will start working for you.”
“Don’t have cheat days and don’t overthink it, just get on with it and you’ll see promising results.”
“If you stick to the Plan you won’t feel hungry. In fact, you’ll feel full of energy and look amazing, too.”
“Don’t mess with the magic and you’ll soon see results.”
“Talk to your Consultant if you’re having a bad day. They are super supportive and with you all the way.”

Getting motivated

“Put a before photo on your fridge. Don’t think about comparing your journey with others. Make full use of the support you will get from your #CWPfamily community on Instagram.”
“Take before photos. Then, keep taking a photo for every 5 kilos you lose. It truly motivates you to keep on going. Treat yourself to a ‘goal outfit’ to spur you on.”
“Get used to all the compliments you will start getting as the weight falls off. It will build your confidence and motivate you to keep going.”
“Stay focused on your goal weight. It’s what you have been dreaming about for so long and remember why you started in the first place.”
“We have our ‘before’ photos around the house to remind us of where we’ve come from and that we don’t want to go back. It’s a good deterrent.”

Have these tips helped you as you begin your journey to your goal weight and great health benefits? We certainly hope so. Don’t forget that Cambridge Weight Plan is such a success because we offer so much support. Contact a CWP Consultant today and learn how to get real about your weight and your health.

Don’t forget to join our #CWPfamily on Instagram and show us your progress. A lot of CWP slimmers start Instagram accounts when they start to lose weight – it’s a great way to visually track your journey.

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