3 Steps to Loving Yourself This Summer and Losing Weight

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Loving yourself takes some serious guts if you don’t have the self-confidence to strut your stuff, flaunt it and put yourself out there. It means changing the way you see yourself and think about yourself. And when you do this you will change the way other people see you. “If I asked you to name…

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Cambridge weight plan festive eating

How to eat festive and lose weight

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Christmas can prove to be an extremely challenging time for people watching their weight. No matter whether you’re following the Cambridge Weight Plan or just trying to look after your health, when things get festive we tend to lose our willpower. Did you know? South Africans can potentially consume around 5000 calories on Christmas Day.…

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Boys with Obesity Make Impotent Men

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Obesity has a significant impact on sexual health in males One in four girls and one in five boys between the ages of 2 and 14 are overweight or obese. That’s two out of 10 children in South Africa. We are raising a nation of fat kids. This is scary news for South Africans who struggle…

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Top Weight Loss Tips for Our Newbies

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Well done for starting your journey with Cambridge Weight Plan towards the new you! Please remember, your CWP Consultant is there to guide you through this every step of the way. But, it’s also good to get some tips from other dieters following Cambridge Weight Plan, which is why we asked our inspiring #CWPfamily on…

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The importance of drinking water to lose weight

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                                                                         Did you know?                                 …

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What your food cravings say about you and your weight

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Have you ever had the strong urge to crunch ice? You could be lacking iron in your body. Well, at least eating ice in abundance won’t harm you in any way. You do need to take heed though and acknowledge your body is lacking a vital nutrient. Worse than craving something as innocuous as ice…

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How is Obesity Linked to World Diabetes Day?

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World Diabetes Day   Did you know that Type 2 Diabetes has become the number one cause of death in women in South Africa according to Statistics SA? The people who are most at risk are older men and women who are overweight. Diabetes is also a major cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks,…

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Let’s Get Real About Diabetes and Your Weight

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Diabetes is close to becoming South Africa’s new epidemic. Diabetes 2 is now the biggest killer of South African women, overtaking TB, stroke and HIV/AIDS. This is according to Statistics South Africa. Doctors have been warning the public about this for a long time already. In 2013 Dr Larry Distiller, MD of the Centre for…

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weight loss obesity week 2017

Cambridge Weight Plan Southern Africa Launches During Obesity Week

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12 October: The latest South African Demographic and Health Survey conducted in 2016 has revealed that 68% of South African women, 31% of men, and 13% of children are overweight. It also says that four in 10 people are considered obese, and one in five women qualify as severely obese. The Cambridge Weight Plan, a…

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Understanding the Dangers of Obesity

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In South Africa, 15-19 October is National Obesity Week. This means we as a nation need to put the dangers of obesity in the spotlight. Did you know? South Africa now has the highest overweight and obesity rate in sub-Saharan Africa – up to 70% of women and a third of men are classified as…

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