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Laurel Pretorius

The Benefits Of A Low-energy Diet

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You’ve heard people talking about it. In fact, it has become one of the most used terms on the weight loss scene next to words like ketogenic and low GI.…

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7 Ways To Tell If A Low-weight Programme Is Supported By Research

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There is a science to developing a successful and sustainable weight loss programme. When people diet, their health becomes a priority. Yes, losing weight is the goal but the long-term…

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Amelia’s whopping wedding weight loss

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Amelia Woolgar Weight Loss: 26kg Meet newly-wed Amelia Woolgar. She and her mom have always battled with their weight and were classic yo-yo dieters. Her weight loss journey began on…

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Keira’s 16kg weight loss after pregnancy

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Keira Esten Weight Loss: 16kg Meet 36-year old pre-primary school teacher Keira Esten. After giving birth to her daughter she lost her self-confidence. “I felt very down about how I…

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lose weight after pregnancy

Want to lose weight after pregnancy?

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Unlike celebrities would like us to believe, many women who have given birth struggle to lose their post-pregnancy weight. In fact, 4 in 10 women find it difficult to get…

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