Amelia’s whopping wedding weight loss

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Amelia Woolgar
Weight Loss: 26kg

Meet newly-wed Amelia Woolgar. She and her mom have always battled with their weight and were classic yo-yo dieters. Her weight loss journey began on a clothes shopping spree when she couldn’t fit into the clothes she usually loved to wear. Then her husband proposed to her and her dream was to look gorgeous and feel confident in her wedding dress. This is her weight loss success story.

“When I met my new husband, Stuart, in May 2012, we began spending a lot of time together and he would cook for me. His meals were delicious, and I didn’t really notice that the portion sizes were huge,” she says.

This was never a problem for Stuart who was active and spent regular time in the gym. “When I noticed how much weight I’d gained from photos, I tried numerous ways to lose the extra kilos,” says Amelia.

But she only ever lost about half of the weight that she wanted to lose. She tried everything from calorie counting and increasing her exercise regime to cutting portion sizes and even a low-carb diet.
Nothing seemed to work, and she would simply gain more weight every time she gave up on a diet.
Everything came to a head in 2016 when Amelia and her mom were out shopping for clothes and nothing she liked fit properly. “I felt like a whale. I knew then and there that I needed to do something,” she says.

She came across the Cambridge Weight Plan on social media and was amazed by the results of people who had lost weight successfully and kept it off. She also loved how everyone supported each other. “Mom and I went to sign up immediately. Our Consultant met us with a set of scales, a tape measure and a wall of products. I could have cried at my starting weight. But I knew this was the beginning of my weight loss journey and I would never ever see that number on the scales again,” says Amelia.

Thanks to the support of her CWP Consultant, both she and her mom reached their goal weights shortly before Amelia got married. It was just over six months since her Cambridge weight loss journey began.

“I had bought my wedding dress to fit me based on my previous weight losses on the other diets. But when I took it to the seamstress for a fitting, she thought the shop had ordered the wrong size! There was so much excess material. She had to take it in a lot,” Amelia says. “I felt more beautiful than I could ever have imagined on my wedding day. And my mom looked fantastic in her outfit, too. It’s all thanks to Cambridge Weight Plan.”