4 Ways to Motivate Weight-Loss

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Do the following 4 things and you will be as motivated as ever to lose weight and gain back newfound health, energy and confidence:

  1. Do the research. Find a diet plan which offers you flexibility, healthy eating and loads of support. Find out more about a diet plan that offers this and more.
  2. Get your head in the game. In other words, do whatever it takes to prepare yourself mentally before you start your weight-loss plan. If it means creating a slimmer’s visual board then do that. Or start a food journal. Find support groups – join our Cambridge Weight Plan Facebook community . Ask your family and friends to support you on your journey.
  3. Clean out your kitchen cupboards and fridge. Start getting rid of all the bad foods which are high in fat, over-processed, containing sugar, etc. Start replacing with tasty, low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods and snacks. Take a look at our meals for healthy alternatives.
  4. Set exciting goals. Create a list of goals that will help inspire you to keep going and keep losing. For example, after losing 5kgs, buy yourself an item of clothing you have had your eye on or enter a weight-loss competition like Slimmer of the Year because once you get started you won’t want to stop especially if the prize is pride, prestige and a trip overseas. Here’s how you can enter.

Get motivated now before you actually start on your diet plan as this will set you up for a much easier and more successful time during your weight-loss journey.

Contact a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant in your area today and begin your journey to real health and weight-loss.