3 Ways to Lose Weight Healthily During Winter

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Have you piled on unwanted kilos during lockdown in winter? And, are you concerned about your health because you have picked up bad eating habits during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Maintaining a healthy weight by eating nutritious meals is one of the most important things you need to do to stay well and avoid getting Covid-19 this winter. Well, that plus wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, washing your hands frequently, and taking Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc. Do all of these things and you will lower your risk of contracting the virus.

Here are 3 handy tips to help you to successfully lose weight and stay healthy in hibernation at home this winter:

1) Keep a healthy fridge – No matter how much you feel tempted when you go do your once a week level 3 lockdown grocery shop, don’t buy food that is bad for you, such as chips, fizzy drinks, high-fat foods, sweets, etc. Rather fill your fridge and kitchen cupboards with healthy foods, including lots of fruit and veg. Even better, join a supportive diet program like Cambridge Weight Plan and load up on their nutritious low-calorie meals. This way you’ll be guaranteed of losing weight and staying healthy. No matter what healthy foods you go for, the most important thing is to make sure your fridge and pantry shelves are lined with a variety of choices.

2) Keep well hydrated – Drink as much water as you can – 2 to 3 litres a day is considered a healthy amount. In winter, it is harder to glug down glasses of cold water. If you struggle with the idea, stock up on herbal teas and lemons (packed with Vitamin C) and get most of your liquid litres down by making warm drinks instead. There are many great benefits to drinking water on a daily basis:

• It detoxifies your body
• It aids digestion
• It improves skin health
• It helps your body absorb minerals and nutrients better
• It prevents kidney damage
• It aids weight loss

3) Get loads of rest and sleep – Did you know that lack of sleep has been proven to contribute to weight problems? This has to do with the effect sleep has on the hormones controlling our appetite. That would explain why we tend to eat a lot more when we have had little sleep and are tired. Adults require between 7 and 8 hours of sleep every night. Anything under 6 hours isn’t good for us.

If you struggle with discipline and need the extra support when you are trying to lose weight, we have one last piece of advice for you and that is to join the Cambridge Weight Plan 6 WEEKS SLIMDOWN CHALLENGE. You get a healthy diet plan, ongoing support from one of our expert consultants and we’re offering a FREE gift to anyone signing up now. Click here to get in touch with an accredited Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant closest to your area who will assist you in getting started and support you all the way to great health.

Now, while you are hibernating at home, is the best time to follow our 3 handy tips and start slimming down. Go for it and stay well and healthy during the Covid-19 winter months.